Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid Solar Rooftop System

Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid solar system combines the advantages of both grid-tied and off grid systems. The main feature that describes a hybrid system best is the provision of grid power along with a battery back-up. Thus, a hybrid system can also be called as a grid tied system with storage facility.

The main feature that distinguishes the hybrid system from an off grid system is that the storage capacity required is far less because of the additional facility of grid power. Otherwise, the working of a hybrid system is same as the traditional grid- tied system.


  • Solar PV Panels
  • Inverter
  • Battery
  • Net meter
  • Miscellaneous (wires, controllers, etc.)
  • Solar Panel Mounting structures

    1. The arrays of solar panels absorb the sunlight incident on them and convert it into electric power.
    2. This power is then filtered and sent to the solar inverter where the DC current is converted to AC.
    3. As this system has a battery back-up, the power is then fed to these batteries.
    4. After the batteries are fully charged, the power is then passed on to the grid for distribution to all the appliances.
    The major features that distinguish the off grid, on grid and hybrid systems are:

    No access to utility grid Utility grid accessible Utility grid accessible
    Provided with battery back up No battery back up Provided with battery back up
    High maintenance Low maintenance as compared to off grid and hybrid systems High maintenance
    High initial cost Low initial cost as compared to off grid and hybrid systems High initial cost

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    Since 2008, price of coal has risen by 13%. Solar has dropped 80%.

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