Solar Rooftop Systems For Industries

Solar Rooftop Systems For Industries

An industry or factory in general terms is characterised massive and heavy duty machinery functioning round the clock. This, obviously, means round the clock power supply. And with the diesel prices shooting up along with power shortages, the sooner the factories and industries go solar, the better.

The grid tied solar systems, being the most cost effective, can help the industries not only by eliminating their electricity bills, but also by supplying power when no power is being generated (i.e, night). However, this system comes with its own set of problems, the major one being power cut during grid failures. Hence, a hybrid system, which comes equipped with a battery bank as back up, becomes a no- brainer option for the industries.

Though Going Solar comes armed with a formidable set of advantages, it is also important to do a feasibility study by evaluating a few important factors, so that the factory owners can determine the viability of the system. Some of them are: • Rooftop inspection to ensure enough space is available to install a solar PGS corresponding to the factory’s electricity requirements. • Load analysis to estimate how much electricity is required to ensure smooth functioning of the factory. • Additional back- up in the form of engine generators. These can be coupled to the system to in order to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply in case the batteries run low. • Cost benefit analysis to ensure the factory owners can avail maximum benefits by the investment along with the much needed carbon footprint reduction.

All this automatically translates into heavy electricity bills. Going solar can reduce; if not completely eliminate this huge expenditure along with added benefits such as: 1. Clean Energy: Solar Energy, being renewable, promotes environmental conservation by eliminating harmful emissions often associated with conventional energy sources. Apart from that, it is a noise- free power generation unit which is an added advantage. 2. Round The Clock Electricity Supply: Most factories are often plagued by frequent electricity cuts. Solar rooftop systems come armed with strong battery backups which eliminate this problem altogether. 3. Minimal Energy Costs: As mentioned earlier, going solar brings down the huge electricity bills to a bare minimum, thus drastically cutting down the energy expenditure.

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